About DigiDome™

Immersive-FX, the developer of the DigiDome™, had entertainment technology beginnings. In the beginning, we started by creating and patenting advanced display products. During that process, we developed a systematic approach to creating totally immersive environments utilizing form factor LED components.

We have been incubating IP in areas where the growth of HD LED, OLED and AMOLED display manufacturing is rapidly evolving. Currently, the company is engineering and commercializing advanced display products, and is primarily focused on the initial development of the DigiDome™.

IDDS Advantages

Immersive-FX form factor products substantially improve LED display. In this way, the firm is ushering in a next generation of VR products. The benefits offered by this technology are numerous. This technology:

  • Improves human perception
  • Enhances situational awareness
  • Advances VR / AR / MR / XR platforms
  • Supports processing and exploitation of information
  • Promotes collaboration in shared environments
  • Provides modular scalability
  • Is completely proprietary