DIGIDOME Applications Aerospace Command Centers Modernization

Command Centers Modernization

In the new information environment, the DigiDome provides an unbeatable advantage regarding how people view and process information. This allows for more accurate reading of situations, and more effective decision making.

DigiDome will improve speed in delivering critical intelligence, tactics and strategic solutions to and from the fighting edge. Command readiness can be enhanced by delivering data in an easily understood visual format to improve tactical and strategic readiness, anytime and anywhere.

Training Pod


Model R14
Form factor LED PCA
Full-color high-density pixel pitch
DCI P3 color space
100,000 hours operational life expectancy
Modular dome frame assembly LED dome system Diameter 28’/8.53m
Pixel Pitch average (mm) 2.5
Pixel density (dots) 160,000
Pixel composition 1R 1G 1B
Brightness(cd/m²) 400-800nits
LED brand and package Nationstar
Drive IC MBI 5353
PWM Processing system Novastar
Perforation 10%


Improves Human Perception
Enhances Situational Awareness
Advances VR / AR / MR / XR Platforms
Supports Processing and Exploitation of Information
Promotes Collaboration in Shared Environments
Modular Scalability
Proprietary Technology