DIGIDOME Products DigiDome™ Extended Reality (XR)

Extended Reality (XR)

Extended reality (XR) is real-and-virtual combined environments with human-machine interactions generated by computer technology and output devises such as wearable and immersive display systems. The ‘X’ represents a variable for any current or future spatial computing technologies. It includes representative forms such as augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality and the areas interpolated among them. XR is a rapid growing field being applied in a wide range of ways, such as entertainment, marketing, real-estate, training and remote work. The DigiDome is an advanced solution for XR in entertainment and the film industry. 

Immersive Cinema theater graphic


Model R14
Form factor LED PCA
Full-color high-density pixel pitch
DCI P3 color space
100,000 hours operational life expectancy
Modular dome frame assembly LED dome system Diameter 28’/8.53m
Pixel Pitch average (mm) 2.5
Pixel density (dots) 160,000
Pixel composition 1R 1G 1B
Brightness(cd/m²) 400-800nits
LED brand and package Nationstar
Drive IC MBI 5353
PWM Processing system Novastar
Perforation 10%


Ultra Realistic Visualization
Wrap Around Viewing Area
Enhances Situational Awareness
Advances VR / AR / MR / XR Platforms
Supports Processing and Exploitation of Information
Promotes Collaboration in Shared Environments
Modular Scalability
Proprietary Technology